WikiLeaks Mirror Coming Here Soon…

This GitHub Account has been setup with the SSH key from this instructional page.

The WikiLeaks mirror folks can simply clone the GitHub repository found here, add the mirror content, commit it, and git push origin master.

That should "just work". Afterwards, this page ( ) should then be a mirror. It will also be a git repository of the content. :)


While there is a very close match between WikiLeaks' mirror process and Github’s gh-pages virtual hosting, I realize it’s not an exact match from the automation PoV.

Here are some issues I can think of:

  • Space - the free account currently offers a 0.3GB soft limit. I am willing buy more space if needed, but maybe the huge files can be left out.

  • Of the 4 instructions listed here, this process gets the last 3 right. The only difference is that we need to do git+ssh instead of rsync+ssh. Is this problematic?

    • Supporting git as a mirror transfer methodology, might just be a good idea anyway.

That’s all I can think of now. Leave a msg on GitHub if you have ideas, questions or concerns.

Cheers, Ingy döt Net